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Welcome to Movidesk, one of the best customer support and customer services tools in the Market—and the unbeatable value choice.

This knowledge base is intended to provide you with virtually every information you need about our product at your fingertips, saving you both time and money. Find here introductions, detailed instructions, answers to common questions, tips, and rich content for you to implement Movidesk at your organization and provide your team with training whenever necessary.

We keep this knowledge base updated and complete, so you are always likely to find what you need here. Just type some key words of what you are looking for in the search box and you will probably find what you are looking for. Or look for your topic in the menu to the left.

Didn’t find something? No problem, we are here to help.


How to get the best out of this knowledge base (see topics in the menu to the left):


  • Take a quick look at Read me first – Getting started to get a big picture view of Movidesk.
  • Check out Navigating in Movidesk to get quick tips on how to find your way in the system. It will save you time in your product evaluation.
  • Use the Implementation guide for instructions on how to get up and running quickly. Also use it for product evaluation purposes, as it gives you helpful context on solving business needs with Movidesk functionalities.
  • Read the Quick start guide if your system is already configured and you want to learn the basics of how to use Movidesk. Learn the key aspects of Movidesk and get to your customers!
  • Go to the USER GUIDE to learn in-depth all the product features and to get the details you will need as you start using the system. Most of the time, readings of 2 minutes or less will answer your questions and tell you everything you want to know.
  • Check out the Data import & migration category to see how easy you can get your data in and out of Movidesk.
  • Use the APIs chapter to find everything on how to use the Movidesk open APIs.


You can also read the MOVIDESK CUSTOMER SUPPORT GUIDE to learn more about how to get Movidesk’s top customer support.

Still got questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


We hope you’ll enjoy the top features and unbeatable value of Movidesk!

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