Understanding what your customer sees
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Created by: Knowledge Engineering Team on: 1/12/2021 5:25 PM

When a customer signs in to Movidesk, they will generally have a more limited access to system tools compared to agents.

A customer’s access profile controls what a customer can access in the system. Customer access profiles have very granular parameters, but can be broadly be configured to grant customers permission to:

  • View tickets
  • View pinboard posts
  • View customer dashboards
  • Run time and expense reports
  • Time log
  • Service reports issued
  • Billing agreement balance
  • Billing agreement summary list
  • Expense log
  • Create tickets using the ticket form
  • Create tickets using the Chat channel
  • Update their user profile
  • Create and edit users associated with their organization
  • Create and edit organizations associated with their organization


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