Sending internal messages from the ticket form
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Created by: Knowledge Engineering Team on: 1/12/2021 5:19 PM

Internal messages are used by agents like internal emails within Movidesk. Messages can be sent from the message console, or from within the ticket form.

When you send a message from the ticket form, the message will be linked to that ticket.

See the Working with internal messages article for more information on the internal messages module and how to grant permissions related to internal messages.

Sending internal messages from a ticket

To send an internal message from a ticket form, select Options on the upper-right corner of the ticket form, then select Send internal message.

Agents will be able to view internal messages on the ticket alongside ticket notes. Internal messages can be quickly identified by their yellow trim.

Note that Internal messages must be selected in the view options of the ticket log for internal messages to be visible.

If Send copy by email was selected, an envelope icon will appear on the message indicating the message was also sent via email.

Agents can also forward, reply, or reply all to internal messages on a ticket using the icons on upper right corner of the message.

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